Its nearly 3 am and I haven’t slept at all. I have a really severe flu/chest infection and I have been coughing all night. Hate having so many people in the house


suho running backstage (wearing heels)

Do you see the woman at the last one tho the one who shakes her head like “Women these days”

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Second Blog

Yo guys I am moving to Canberra pretty soon and I need to get rid of a few kpop things. I will post pictures of the albums and photocards soon


[KryberPalace] 140815 Kryber chatting in English at the backstage of SMTOWN
f(Pranksters) teasing poor Luna lol. my girls are so cute~♡

Taemin singing a bit of “Danger” and trying to seduce us with his charisma — and then feeling utterly embarrassed at himself, aww.